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From TIRED to Toxin Free

My why…..I was getting no answers to my health concerns.  Every doctor, from generalists to specialists, I saw, kept saying  the same thing:   “nothing shows up in your labs…Have you tried changing your diet? Are you exercising ?   Maybe you should sleep more..’  (As a mom, I thought getting 7-8 hours every night was pretty good….really no time to sleep more).   I started researching in-depth my symptoms, and decided to take a holistic approach to my health.   I AM SO GLAD I TOOK THE LEAP.   I went from a run down, stressed, crashing every afternoon, irritable mom to having my life back.  I can function!   But, I am also THRIVING!  Essential oils were key in my JOY and TRANSFORMATION  (hey…there are oils called that…).    Once I saw what these powerful bottles could do, I was hooked and started to remove toxins from our house….everything from over the counter vitamins, soap, shampoo, and dish soap.  The list is much longer.   My family is living and loving the “oil life”.

I want to help you on your journey.    I want to help you create a house that’s toxin free.   I want everyone to experience what these powerful God-created oils can do!

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