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The Oil Junkie....Saving $ and Changing Your Lifestyle One Step at a Time

Young Living Essential Oils and their products have made a HUGE difference in my life!  Not only is it chemical free and sooo much FUN to use and create different products to support my needs, but most importantly, it supports my family in ways they don’t even realize.🙂  #seasonalchangescanttouchus!! #icanhandleanythingthatlifesendsatme #imincontrol

I have to admit that I have never had an interest and nor did I think about all of the chemicals that we use in our homes on a daily basis.  #chemicalswereincontrol Well now, I can reduce the toxins in our home in many ways and the savings are AMAZING!  I don’t buy laundry detergent, dryer sheets, beauty lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, body/face/hair washes, hand wash, chemical cleaners, and many other products to keep my family in great health!  Actually, my goal is to become free of the chemicals that only mask my health issues.   Do you realize how much that saves? #OMGTHESAVINGS

I can’t even express how these oils have changed my lifestyle, through health and wellness and actual savings!  So from one non-believer to another, it’s easier than you think#EASYPEASY I bought my Young Living starter kit in February of 2016.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it and I certainly didn’t think that I’d be where I am now as a result.  You instantly become a wholesale member which means that you get product for 24% off retail price and you don’t ever have to buy another thing if you choose… monthly fees!  You don’t have to rely on anyone else if you want something because YOU are in charge.   #iminchargeofmylife

However, this Oil Junkie has jumped in head first and I take advantage of an Essential Rewards Program that they offer where I can receive points toward free product.  How nice is that???….and oh yes, I use it, and currently I earn 20% back on everything I order toward free product!  Did I think that I’d ever want to share this experience at first?….NO, but that has all changed and I’d like to share with everyone. #NEVERGOINGBACK

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