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pfftt essential oils, *dramatically rolls eyes*

That was my response to essential oils three years ago. I was dipping my toe into the holistic health world and I had teas, shakes, soups, and yoga classes pushed at me, and I was overwhelmed. I wanted to get back to the basics and start using natural remedies to help with my health struggles, and my family’s health and wellness. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and my purse was starting to sound like a rain stick from all the over the counter drugs I was carrying around. After being given a bottle of Young Livings Peace and Calming and letting it decorate my shelf for a few months, I decided, what the heck, lets see what this can do. Well long story short I never went back. I had found the missing link. It jump started my lifelong journey for balance, wellness, and abundance. You can call me a crunchy mom if you want, its a badge of honor to me now. But I am so much more than just another crunchy mom.

I am an Esthetician, your friendly neighborhood skincare specialist. I am an avid reader, historical fiction, mystery thrillers, and everything in between. I like to think I’m a runner but I’m really more of a jogger, okay speed walker, okay I like to walk. I live in the mitten state and like most Michiganders I have a strong sense of state pride, I put up with our crazy winters because summers on lake Michigan just can’t be beat. I love to craft, draw, doodle, paint, and generally feel fulfilled creating, even if its play dough creations with my son. I love animals, lets not get into the dog person, cat person debate, I love all animals, but mostly my cat Cesar.

I have a four year old boy who doesn’t go a day without Lavender and Surrender essential oil, thank God for that oil, seriously. I have an incredible husband who loves me despite my slight oil obsession and he wouldn’t be without Peppermint and Clarity Essential Oil.  My passion is to inspire, empower, and educate, moms, dads, and young men and women. My family is an oily family, its a lifestyle, its a passion, and we are all about #thatoilylife.

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I used a blend of Young Living essential oils to help aide me both physically and mentally when I quit smoking. I was desperate to try anything that would help make it a smoother experience. I was so surprised by how well they worked I now incorporate Young Living essential oils in my everyday life. It was a major game changer.


I love Thieves and Deep Relief! Thieves has helped my immune system so much in the last 6 month as all these yucky things are getting passed around at work and with my family. I believe that Thieves and Thieves Vitality applied topically or taken orally has helped protect me during the winter season. Deep relief applied topically to the back of my neck has helped relieve occasional headaches and muscle tension do to stress or poor posture. I wouldn't be without these two oils!


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