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Musical Mother of Two is Singing Praises about Essential Oils🎶

Hi! Welcome to my webpage😊 I am the mother of two wonderful children, Sam (16) and Sara(11). My children and husband would tell you that I make everything a musical in our home, since I have sang for many years and love music with all my soul!

At42, I started to feel unhealthy and unmotivated, which was beginning to affect me as a mom, wife and singer. I decided I needed to make a change and I started eating a Paleo Diet. I have never felt so great in my life! I have energy, I’m losing weight and my gut feels amazing!

I guess you can see why it was no surprise that I found Young Living Oils to be intriguing. I love that they are 100% Natural and Pure, (seed to seal) because that’s all I try to put in my body these days!!!

My daughter plays soccer, basketball and softball (and sings) so she needs to stay healthy for her active life. Sara eats a lot of Paleo meals, but sometimes has occasional “junk” food. Sara recently played in a basketball tournament where all but a few kids on the team had a bug, I swear our home diffuser with the thieves blend is the only thing that protected her immune system!!!

My son Sam is a junior firefighter, healthy teenager and overall great kid who has learned to manange his ADHD over the years. Sam doesn’t eat as well as my daughter, that’s a work in progress… So, I’m hoping essential oils can help ease some of his symptoms, by providing essential nutrients he is lacking! Our family strives to take as little medicine as possible!

My husband is fit and leads an active life as a Lineman but has high blood pressure. I’m hoping his new Paleo Diet and use of essential oils used will help yield new and improved test results at his next doctor visit!

My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, meaning dietary and chemical free! If your like me, you will really love Young Living Essential Oils❤

Thanks for visiting my page and please contact me any time with questions!

Susan Richards


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