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I’ve discovered a whole new world. I can’t believe it’s been here all along, and I’m just now tapping in to it’s benefits. When Horton found the Whos in Dr.Seuss’s book, he couldn’t return to life as normal. He  realized that others would suffer if he didn’t do his best to defend them. I relate! Now that I’ve heard about this beautiful world of Young Living oils, I would be doing a great disservice to you if I didn’t introduce you to the oils and their benefits. It is a joy and a responsibility I take seriously. I believe oils are a gift from the same Creator who breathed life into us. Doesn’t it make logical sense that God would care for us by giving us the tools we need to live? What inventor makes a car and doesn’t also create the battery for it? Folks. These oils are meant to go hand-in-hand with living. Life just got a whole lot more beautiful!

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"I was walking along the shore after the tide had gone out. I accidentally stepped on a sharp sea shell and cut my foot in several places. Thankfully, I had my Thieves oil blend with me and quickly put it on my cuts. That was yesterday. Today I can hardly tell anything ever happened to my foot!!"


"I really love this nutmeg oil! It makes me feel really alive! I have energy !!"


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