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I’m a Mother of  1 Biological child and 4 Foster Children that my family is in the process of Adopting. I have been interested in Essential Oils for years but couldn’t get myself to get into them. I bought some offline but wasn’t sure about them. I saw that an another foster mom used Young Living Essential oils on her children, then a friend of mine posted a couple of videos. I contacted her we talked and I signed on. That was the best day ever. I was hooked and it has changed mine and my families lives forever. I have a couple children that have trouble sleeping so i use some of my oils to promote restful sleep and it has been a lifesaver. I have a teen who has been over weight and I use some to Help Support normal weight loss. I love and only use the Thieves Cleaner in my home. I have did away with all my cleaners in my home, I use a diffuser in every room and did away with all my candles and my plug ins, air fresheners.  I have made my home a healthier place for me, my husband and my 5 children .

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I love Lavender, stress Away and Cedarwood it helps my little one sleep through the night.


Do You have anything that can ease my headache


So I needed some support in the morning to have a clear mind and feel alive. So I decided to put on some Awaken and some En-R-Gee. Well let me tell you I have never felt so clear minded and aware of everything. Plus i felt boost of stimulation . I can say I loved the feeling I got from these two wonderful oils.


That Lemongrass oil you gave me really supported my Diabetes.


Hey do you have any of your stuff that will support a Headache.


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