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"Become a better you, for real this time."

I started my oily journey by surprise, with years of trying products that just did not work! by chance a friend gave me a oil to try, and I was blown away at the effects it had on me and my families well being. So I did some digging on where this amazing oil came from. The Young Living company popped up and this was the big eye opener for me on everything I was doing. From the food I ate, the personal products I was using, and how I was just in a back and forth motion of treating my body good and then going back to the bad. That’s when the top of my head really blew off. When I started looking at what I was using I questioned how good and bad all these commercialized products where and how they effected me and my family. So by switching to the Young Living way of thinking I really started to understood more about what clean living really meant. Oil, Balance, and Harmony came to me because I have loved Oils for years but finally found great ones to use. Balance is for everyone who deserves it in this busy life (and lets be honest we are all looking for it) and finally Harmony is when you come to full circle with the person you are really meant to be. So in the Fall of 2016 I got my starter kit and fell in love, I’ve been on this great journey of wellness ever since. Come join the Adventure and find out how being oily is not just what’s on your skin its a way of life… Everyone has a story What will your story be???

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