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Welcome to my page for all things Young Living! After taking an essential oils 101 class in 2014, I fell in love with Young Living and never looked back. My family’s wellness is my first priority, and Young Living oils and products have allowed me to live the chemical-free lifestyle I was in search of for years. I love sharing this lifestyle, so you can usually catch me teaching oils classes or Aroma Yoga on the weekends. You don’t need a lot of free time to pursue a path of wellness–just an open mind. You might actually be amazed by the physical, spiritual, and financial abundance that Young Living can help manifest in your life. I would love to have you join me on this journey to wellness, purpose and abundance!

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M.S. Education; Bachelor's Secondary Education
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Yoga teacher & wellness coach
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Using oils since November 07, 2014
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Essential Oils Plattsburgh, NY
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Young Living oils are AMAZING! I still can't believe I lived so long without them.


I made a rub with raw coconut oil, Lemon oil, Peppermint and Thieves and applied it to my son's feet and chest. What a difference from last night to this morning! I'm so happy that you introduced me to this oily life.


I am obsessed with these oils! I will not be without Young Living Peppermint oil again.


I love the Ningxia Red for supporting my lowered immune system.


I made bath salts tonight with Lavender and PanAway, and I am so relaxed. Love these oils!


I just want to say thank you for introducing me to the oily life. It is such a blessing! My Ningxia bottles arrived last night, and the next chapter of my health has begun.


I have arthritis, but now that I found PanAway, I apply it and it gets me through the day comfortably. Deep Relief helps, too.


I am enjoying my oils immensely and am sleeping like a log. I cannot believe how the diffuser helps me sleep. Lavender and Stress Away are two of my favorites! I feel so relaxed just breathing in the oils.


Thanks for introducing us to this oily world! After consistently diffusing and applying the children's GeneYus blend, our daughter made honor roll for the first time. She loves the oils!


Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint helps me during allergy season! No more stuffiness or swollen eyes.


We use Purification often! We diffuse it and made an easy chemical free spray that keeps our home clean and fresh. No need to buy Febreeze anymore! We also love to mix peppermint, lemon and Eucalyptus to clear the head and mind...

Michael & Jamie

As a wife and mother, I am always looking for natural, healthy alternatives to mainstream medicine. I have found a solution with Young Living. I honestly don't know how I have gone this long without them!


New to oils and very limited Yoga experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the aroma yoga experience Michelle offered. Her instruction was casual but concise and the oils added so much tranquility and deeper mind, body connection. I left refreshed and uplifted and am looking forward to doing this class regularly!


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