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I believe that there is a more natural way to health and wellness in lieu of the synthetic chemicals we are bombarded with on a daily basis. After experimenting with and researching different oil companies, I actively searched out Young Living on my own. I never went to a class, a make-and-take, or anything affiliated with the company, but I knew I had to learn more! Once I ordered my Premium Starter Kit and began using the oils in my home, the products spoke for themselves. The moment I realized how oils balanced the mood and demeanor of our home, I was hooked. Stress is a plague that we are constantly fighting every day. When I started to experiment with different YL oils and blends in multiple diffusers in various rooms in our home, a blanket of harmony suffocated the stress that was running ramped. Through trial and error and research, it was blatantly clear that not all oils are created equally. Adding Young Living to our daily lives has brought unity to our wellness and lifestyle. Even our cats’ dispositions have undeniably been impacted. I am on the journey of creating a chemical-free home through all of the other oil-infused products YL offers, one month and a few products at a time! Teaching is second-nature to me and it’s my passion to share what I have learned with others who are seeking a natural wellness path.

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