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Essential oils? Yeah right!! That’s exactly what I thought when I was introduced to them. Oh, at first I even thought most of them stunk. But, over the last six months I’ve been using them I have a different outlook.

I am a wife, mom, sister, and friend with a full time job like many women in today’s world.  We don’t seem to be doing anything part-time anymore, and that can leave us mind boggled  A lot of things to do with so little time and our thoughts going everywhere.  When you add other things that happen in life on top of our already hectic schedules it can be overwhelming.  The next couple of things are how essential oils have changed my daily life and household.

I was going through some personal issues and my mind was scattered with all the thoughts and what the outcome would be. I was introduced to Stress Away and Valor, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils from Young Living. What a difference they made. I don’t  always notice, but if I forget to use them my family sure did.

Have pets? I do, and never thought I could use them on my dogs too. Again, until I used them I didn’t believe it. Long road trips were more relaxed, their time alone is easier, and even helped with outdoor annoyances for the dogs and myself.

I still continue to use multiple oils, singles and blends, for different kinds of support in my daily life. Oh… and I love them in the diffuser.  With all of that said, as I have more personal experiences I’ll share them with you.

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