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I’ve been drawn to the smell of essentials oils for well over a year. I didn’t know until after my research began that the inviting smell came with benefits. Benefits that could help me live a healthier life in a healthier environment. While learning about all the things each oil and blend could do for not only myself, but my family too, I still couldn’t understand the power of these oils. Can my family and I really live a life WITHOUT chemicals?

I desperately wanted to live a healthier life, but my family and I couldn’t justify the cost until NOW.

My toddler has spent countless hours at the pediatrician’s office, Urgent Care and even Emergency Room from chronic ear infections, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, the common cold and seasonal allergies. My significant other, Jon, and I became worried about her chronic conditions after she had a severe allergic reaction to a prescribed antibiotic. My daughter had been on an antibiotic on and off for three months. I honestly didn’t think we could afford another doctor appointment, Urgent Care/ER trip or the cost of her medicine.

My daughter’s pediatrician recommended we see an ENT for possible tubes and recommended we put her on an allergy medicine TWICE a day. Just like anything I encounter, I started researching. Jon and I left that appointment determined to find an alternative to what had just been suggested.

Young Living.

If you are a regular mom, just like me, and have been considering taking the Oily plunge, message me.

We can start our chemical free journey TOGETHER!

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