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A lawyer who is living an oily life :-)

I am so excited you are interested in essential oils!

I have been using essential oils for over a year now and I can’t believe the amazing results I’ve experienced.  My journey has produced changes in my overall physical, mental and emotional well being.  My stress levels have decreased.  I’m also finding amazing strength and encouragement in tackling the ups and downs of life.  I am very excited about sharing these oils.  It is my goal to help as many people as I can – especially those who are stressed out, over worked, moody, and just overall feeling crappy.

When I started this journey – I felt like I hit rock bottom.  I was tired ALL THE TIME.  I was sad and depressed.  I was over worked and felt like there was no end in sight.  While I am not opposed to modern medicine, I am very open and willing to try whatever works to improve my overall person.  Once I noticed how I was struggling – I started researching essential oils.

At the time, I had absolutely no idea that there were different grades of essential oils. Therapeutic Grade is at the top of the charts. Young Living oils are 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and safe to take internally.  You have to be very careful with label reading.  The bottle may say 100% pure, but they can legally say that if at least 5% of the bottle is 100% pure.  So 95% of the rest of the bottle is dilution and chemicals.  The concentrated goodness of plants has been used effectively for centuries.  The reason YL’s oils are so effective is because of their seed to seal promise.  It’s because of this that I can honestly and confidently say that everyone needs Young Living Oils.

There is no other brand I would suggest you inhale, apply, and definitely ingest other than Young Living.  Please visit to learn more about how Young Living abides by the perfect and ancient traditions of Aromatherapy.  Young Living goes BEYOND certified organic regulations.  Purity over profits is what impressed me from the start and continues to exceed my expectations.  Our founder is a farmer first and foremost – not a marketing executive.

I joined Young Living as a wholesale member and got the Premium Starter Kit that has 11 oils, samples and a DIFFUSER!  At only $160 – This is the best value monetarily, savings wise, and for your health.  It’s the perfect place to start because of the versatility of the oils in it.  There is an oil for EVERYTHING and you could use all the oils in this kit every day.  I certainly can and do!  Along with the Premium Starter Kit, I gift my new members with a welcome gift including a substantial 400+ page reference guide along with other goodies.  You also have my 100% support day or night along with the support of an amazing community of oil users.  Here is a handy online Cliff Notes/Starter Guide that covers ALL THE GOODNESS that comes in the kit that will change your life:

THE BEST PART – there  is no monthly purchase requirement for members!  Just a purchase of $50 a year in product keeps your wholesale membership active.   However, once you start using these oils, your friends and family are going to start asking you – “What are you doing to look so good?”  People are going to stop you and ask you about that wonderful smell you are wearing!  When that time comes, if you are ready, our entire team will be here to support you in your journey on how to use some of Young Livings other wonderful oil infused products and supplements!   I know, I could not live with my NingXia Red or my Thieves Household Cleaner (just to name a few)  🙂

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Young Livings essential oils and oil infused products.    Remember there are no dumb questions.  I look forward to helping you on your oily journey!  I am available for one-on-one classes, or group classes, vendor events, and presentations!

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