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A hunger for health & happiness

I started using essential oils a couple of years ago & had a rocky start until I found Young Living. I loved that with Young Living the products were all natural & SAFE. I could use them how I needed to & didn’t have to worry about harming myself or my family. My overall desire was to be the best wife & mother that I could be. To do that, I needed to feel good emotionally & physically. I decided to incorporate Young Living into my life so that I could begin to focus, prioritize and balance everything I was being called to do. I have made so much progress & I’m excited to share what I am learning.

By nature, I am a helper & also an advocate. I have had many jobs caring for people, guiding them & advocating for them. It’s extremely important to me that the individuals I work with are treated with dignity & respect.  I also love animals & have spent lots of time caring for them. I want to see people happy & healthy and I want to help others have happy & healthy families, too. There is so much we can do by accessing what God has provided to us through nature. We don’t have to just try everyday to keep up with things, God has given us tools to help! For me personally, having two toddlers, trying to upkeep my home and work full time is a struggle. I am blessed to work from my home and leave for meetings when it’s convenient for my family, but it’s hard. So I need to be able to keep up with that. Young Living Essential Oils has helped my moods, focus, ability to prioritize and has given me drive. I can do what I need to do for myself & my family; and I can enjoy my life while I’m doing it.

I love introducing others to Young Living & sharing what I know. If you are interested in Young Living I would be so happy to help guide you every step of the way. It is so exciting & empowering to take your first step to health & happiness. To know you are doing what is best for you & your family, and to enjoy your life in the process.

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BS in Special Education, Administration & Leadership
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I help advocate for people with disabilities so they can obtain services enhance their quality of life.
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Using oils since January 01, 2014
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Essential Oils Ballston Lake, NY
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YL Member #: 2687164

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