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When I was much younger, and before I was married, my initials were CAC (Carol Ann Caruso). My extended family were known to use abbreviations so I was called CAC. When my neices and nephew were born Aunt Carolann was a mouthfull, so I became Cacie. I love being called Cacie. My best friend Sandy’s children, my surrogate GrandChildren, call me Cacie. And when they sing my name it sounds so precious and I feel so loved. Once a friend called me Aunt Cacie while my neice Lilli was near and she said “who is Aunt Cacie? She’s Cacie”. So that’s where the name came from. I grew up always wanting to help others. I even tried to become a nurse, couldn’t get the chemistry down. So I became a Mom instead to Ian Christopher (born 1987) and Maureen Victoria (born 1990). They are the loves of my life beside my husband Chris (married since 1984). I have worked at many thing, mostly in customer service. I believe my niche is there. I am 50% Italian and I love to schmooze with anyone. I have never met a stranger! I will, and do, talk to anyone! Most recently I have been a Barista with Starbucks Coffee Company, since 2007. I took a Sabbatical from Nov 2015-Feb 2016, to figure me out. I learned quite a few things from great teachers. My Life Coach Earl Grey, My therapist Michelle at TurningLeafWellness and from Myself. I took time for me to help me and the outcome is Extraordinary.  I am ready for this change. I want to help others figure out what works for them. Sharing ideas is knowledge and the power that we need for success in our lives. With all that is going on in the world I want to be a positive example. Come join me on this wonderful adventure called life. Let’s bring our oils along for the ride.

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My YL Experience began in the Summer of 1999 as a favor to my Aunt Mary Ann and Neanne. I had young children then and a daycare inside my house. Things were very hectic. I just couldn't get a handle on things. Recently oh I'd say 2014, I started changing my life to include more natural (less chemical) items. Homemade laundry detergent, lasts forever! Homemade cleaners with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, thieves oil, white vinegar, and many others. No candles giving off fumes, instead I diffuse oils. Teatree Oil shampoo and oily scented body wash. Come join me on this journey.

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